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Eureka Biz Services at your service!

You have a vision for your company's growth. Is your technology keeping up with that vision? To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to plan for your technology to not only keep pace with - but to enhance - your business growth.

Achieving a favorable buy/sell transaction and determining a realistic selling price.

  • We have buyers for sellers looking to sell their business.

We offer:

  • We list businesses for sale.
  • We perform professional business valuations to help you determine the Fair Market Value of your business. 
  • We offer virtual consultations

Maria Caudle CM&AP, CVA, EECA

Business Intermediary  

Certified Mergers & Acquisition Professional

Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser

Certified Valuation Analyst 

Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser

VP of Spectrum Corporate Resources

Eureka Biz Services Certified M&A Professional

Member of

IEV, M&A Source, NACVA

Cell 949 400-1206

Tel. 702 553-5507

The Business Purchase Consultation

Involves the determination of true net profit

or owner's cash flow, a premises lease

review and determination of buyer's return

on investment or cash on cash return.

Dedicated Professional Integrity Honest

Industry Market Analysis

  • Certified Valuation Analyst
  • Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser
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